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Am I childless or childfree?

Am I childless or childfree? Or am I neither? Am I somewhere in between? I drafted this blog earlier this week but couldn’t finish it at the time. I’ve returned today to edit it and to share it with you … Continue reading

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How do I know if I want kids or not?

OK, so you might be wondering why I’m asking this question. You might be thinking: haven’t we been through this already? Haven’t we covered this topic from all angles and in all forms of media since this blog launched back … Continue reading

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Ambivalence and commitment

This morning, I sat outside the beach hut, looked out at the vast expanse of sea before me and cried. I cried because I’d just had a massive adrenaline come-down after writing a deeply personal article on ambivalence about motherhood … Continue reading

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The life that hasn’t gone to plan

I’ve just spent a long weekend in the company of nine wonderful women whose lives, like mine, haven’t gone to plan. These women, attendees on my How to Fall in Love retreat, had expected things to work out differently. Some … Continue reading

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Embracing ‘what is’

The truth is that nobody has a charmed life. Everyone experiences heartache and pain (some more than others, I grant you that). But we all have a choice as to how we live. The most important lesson I have learned … Continue reading

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Feminism, 50 years on

Today’s blog comes to you via The Huffington Post and it marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique – a book, I have to confess, I’d barely even heard of until recently. No, I … Continue reading

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Is it right to confess?

There are a few interesting articles on The Guardian website right now in relation to ‘confessional journalism’ or ‘confessional writing’. Confessional writing is basically what I do on this blog, baring my soul for anyone to read and creating an … Continue reading

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A healthy dose of self-belief

I’ve learned quite a lot this year but maybe the most important thing I’ve learned is that when we have a gut instinct, a vision or an idea that nags at us and doesn’t go away, it’s wise to act … Continue reading

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Loss and the life cycle

My dear old Grandad passed away on Friday. He was 99, eight weeks short of his 100th birthday and his telegram from the Queen. He was quite a man – incredibly resilient – and it was a real feat to … Continue reading

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What is it about turning 40 that seems to change the way we think about our fertility? While my intelligent self knows that there can’t be much difference between my 39 1/2-year-old body and my 40-year-old body in terms of … Continue reading