Women’s health is a minefield. With so much that could possibly go wrong, it’s a miracle we’re as healthy as we are and so many of us go on to have children. In this section, we will discuss health issues facing women of all ages with a view to supporting each other and encouraging younger women to learn more about their health.

I (Katherine) feel particularly strongly about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and about raising awareness of its symptoms. In my mid-30s, I developed acne and felt my hair was starting to thin. I also had dramatic mood swings and felt very low at times. It was only after much research and many appointments that I discovered these symptoms were connected to a hormonal imbalance linked to PCOS and I found natural remedies to rebalance my hormones. But it took a word of advice and support from a fellow PCOS sufferer to help me understand what was going on and to know where to turn for help – help that didn’t involve taking a concoction of drugs. If I’d known about the condition sooner, I feel I could have been saved a lot of emotional pain.

Is there a condition you would like to raise awareness about? What information do you wish you had at an earlier stage in your life? We’d love to hear your stories.


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