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Commitment and phobia

In response to my existential questioning in my last blog, Filling the void, I’ve come up with an answer or two. I think relationship is key to addressing that sense of emptiness some of us feel. And I’m not just … Continue reading

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Filling the void

So my last post, Dating with baby goggles on, got me thinking. Hopefully it got a few of you thinking too, but it’s definitely got me pondering the whys and wherefores of life, relationships, motherhood and all the rest of … Continue reading

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Waiting joyfully

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (apologies to anyone who was wondering where I was). I’ve been on a short holiday to the English seaside and I’ve had so many lovely experiences and heard so many great words of … Continue reading

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Split personality

There’s me, and then there’s me. There’s the me who doesn’t want to stray far from home, who likes to sleep in her own bed every night and who wants to be firmly ensconced in a regular routine for weeks … Continue reading

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Living, learning, passing it on

If you’ve lived it, you can learn from it, and someone else can too – irrespective of your or their age, profession, experience and position in life. That’s the ethos of ‘From Forty With Love’. With that in mind, I … Continue reading

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All will be well

It’s occurred to me that I’ve gone about some of my life – not all, but some – with a sense of dread and doom and the impression that all will not be well. I think I picked this up … Continue reading

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