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Be still my beating heart

I have a box of anti-depressants in my handbag. Citalopram to be precise. I’ve opened the box and read the leaflet but the foil is intact, the pills unswallowed. I picked them up after seeing my GP on Monday. They’ve … Continue reading

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The Olympic spirit

As I cycled along one of the capital’s canal paths on a balmy evening late last week, it felt great to be British, great to be a Londoner and great to be alive. The national anthem rang out from a … Continue reading

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This Lent is about love

Before I blog about Lent, which starts tomorrow, a note on my last post. Has anybody noticed I’m a bit of an extremist? Maybe I shouldn’t blog when I get the urge after all – maybe I should actually wait … Continue reading

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Mind games

Have you ever achieved something and then, not long after, decided it wasn’t good enough, or it wasn’t quite right, or you should have done it differently? Welcome to my world. Despite the many messages of support and gratitude from … Continue reading

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It’s all going to be OK

It’s all going to be OK. Is that something you often tell yourself? Or are you more inclined to think it’s not going to be OK? Or maybe you actually think that it’s all going to be brilliant, not just … Continue reading

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Perseverance pays off

I haven’t posted here for a few days. It’s easy when I don’t post to think this site doesn’t really matter to me, to think that nobody would really notice or care if it just fizzled out. But I would … Continue reading

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Growing pains

The thing about moving out of your comfort zone (which is what I was writing about in my last post, The uncomfortable comfort zone) is that it can also be a painful process, which is probably why so many of … Continue reading

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