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The Embrace

I speak to my Mum and hear the relentless passage of time. In her voice, I hear my difficulties, struggles, doubts, insecurities and pain, magnified a hundred times, exaggerated by age, by decades spent alone and by the absence of … Continue reading

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Finding my way back

This photo was taken when I was 22. I’d just finished at Oxford University and was about to head off to Italy to drive minibuses across Tuscany for a high-end travel company. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to … Continue reading

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Baking my way back

It’s been more than three weeks since I’ve posted on this blog and I’m hoping you’ve all been having such a wonderful summer that you haven’t noticed my absence. If you have, you may have been thinking I’ve been having … Continue reading

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The answer is spiritual

At the end of my yoga workout at home this morning – done to a lovely DVD a friend put me on to, Ali MacGraw, Yoga, Mind & Body – a definition of Namaste (the salutation often spoken in a … Continue reading

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Addiction: It’s multi-layered

So The Huffington Post published my take on Alastair Campbell’s Monday night BBC Panorama Britain’s Hidden Alcoholics today: From Alcoholism to Food Addiction: It’s All About the Feelings. And as usually happens after I publish a piece, on my blog … Continue reading

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Happiness is …

… far too enormous a subject for me to broach in a single blog post but I read something the other day that struck a chord and I thought it was worth sharing here – particularly as my last blog … Continue reading

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A time and a place for healing

I’d never have imagined that the pages of the Daily Mail would turn out to be a source of healing or a medium through which to challenge some of my most ingrained, self-defeating behaviours. But it seems, to my surprise, … Continue reading

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Chronic satisfaction

It’s been a while since I’ve made New Year’s resolutions – and I’m not just talking about the last 12 months. I don’t think I’ve made any for a few years. I decided some time ago to lay off the … Continue reading

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Essential maintenance

I haven’t blogged here for a while and I was wondering why I’d left it so long. Normally, I’m full of ideas and can’t wait to put them into writing. But now I’m realising that I’ve been rather low on … Continue reading

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Who’s running the show?

Am I being honest with myself? Completely, unreservedly honest? And how will I know when I am? Because if I’m not being honest with myself, I can’t be totally honest with anyone else. It seems so many things get in … Continue reading

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