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This is how we heal

I often refer to it as walking towards the fire. It’s when we go towards situations that scarred us in the past. It’s when we take a chance and risk being triggered. It’s when we put ourselves in the line … Continue reading

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Self-love is way more than a massage

When we think of self-love, we naturally think of massages and bubble baths. And don’t get me wrong, I love a good soak and I adore being massaged. But self-love, in my book, goes way beyond that. And it might … Continue reading

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I’m stepping up my self-care

They say we teach what we need to learn and I know that to be true. I’ve been teaching people about self-love and self-care for many years, first informally, by supporting others who were on a similar healing journey to … Continue reading

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It is safe to shine

It is safe to shine. It’s safe to be visible, to be seen. It’s safe to be me. It’s safe to do my thing. Not only that, but the world needs me to shine, to be seen, to be me … Continue reading

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I celebrate you

I know it’s hard to get out of bed sometimes; that you wake up feeling overwhelmed with grief and fear, with tears in your eyes. I know it often feels like you’re floundering, living the wrong life, or like you’re … Continue reading

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Change is possible and it starts with self-love

It’s nearly 10 years since I wrote my first ever blog, on a site I called Just As I Am – An Experiment in Self-Acceptance. It was the eve of Lent, 2011, and I’d had it. I’d had it with … Continue reading

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2021: Your call to adventure

Can you hear it? Can you hear the call to adventure? Can you hear the call to claim your seat at the table. To take up your space. To make your voice heard. To be the person you were always … Continue reading

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How to reparent yourself

What would a good parent do? This question has been on my lips for a few days, and I imagine it’ll stay there for a good while longer, because the topic of reparenting ourselves and taking care of our inner … Continue reading

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Just married!

Our wedding day. What a day. What a spectacular, phenomenal day. What a momentous, miraculous milestone on my journey back to myself, on my journey to love, on my journey to the heart. A journey that began almost two decades … Continue reading

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Overcompensating for low self-worth

Do you overcompensate because you don’t feel good enough? Do you do too much, work too hard, clean too thoroughly or spend too long worrying about your appearance because you don’t feel worthy or acceptable as you are? I definitely … Continue reading

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